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China Emissions Exchange (CEEX) was launched on September 11, 2012. It is the only trading platform for carbon allowances and China Certified Emission Reduction (CCER) within the pilot zones of carbon trading in Guangdong.


CEEX started China’s first carbon allowances auction in the primary market, sealed the first transaction of CCER. Total Volume of Guangdong Carbon Emission Allowance (GDEA) ranks the first in both trading volume and turnover in China. CEEX is the first Emissions Exchange of China whose total volume of spot exceeded 100 million tons and a total turnover surpassed 2 billion yuan. Besides, it has launched many innovative carbon finance products including allowance mortgage finance and allowance buy-back.


CEEX is committed to building a comprehensive service platform that integrates three sectors: environmetal rights trading, green finance, New Energy Asset Investment and Financing.


Green Finance

Participate in Green Finance Standards top-level design

Secretariat of Guangdong Green Finance Committee

Construction of Green Project Library


China New Energy Asset Investment and Financing Platform

Launched in January, 2018

Function: Investment & Financing, Trading, Value-added Business

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